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Why do people tend to gain weight during the holidays?

Many of us have indulged a little in food addictions during festive dinners and lunches. As long as we are in the “bubble” of celebrations, including, sparkling cold drinks and traditional dishes, we go on for gluttony. At the stroke of January the bubble breaks and the sense of guilt falls on us, merciless. Eat healthy and live better

How can we regain fitness after the holidays, possibly without drastic and punitive diets?

With balanced nutrition, which provides for a rebalancing of the daily caloric intake and includes all the nutrients our body needs (including carbohydrates and good fats).

Do not imagine an excessive calorie deficit, lose weight by force and immediately is unrealistic: quick diets do not exist! The new year, on the other hand, must be the right occasion to follow a healthier lifestyle, based on the combination of proper nutrition and training / physical exercise.

Why do people tend to gain weight during the holidays?

Often the Christmas holidays give us a few extra pounds that we manage to dispose of with difficulty. Because in the winter season we tend to eat more (to accumulate more energy against the cold) and move less.

The first fundamental aspect to understand is that we do not get fat because of the New year Eve dinner or New year lunch. Since we can easily counterbalance the higher caloric content of a meal with another smaller meal (for example a light dinner after a substantial lunch or a moderate lunch in anticipation of a richer dinner).

The real cause of weight gain is the constant and increased presence of sugars!

These foods are often with us already before the Christmas period and remain with us during and immediately after Christmas and New Year (also thanks to the tempting and tempting sales at the supermarket. Which allow us to take home two for the price of one) …

As a young girl, as happens to many before growing up. I had little confidence in myself and I thought I had landed on the wrong planet for me. My fears gradually grew to become suffering first, then eating disorders. As a result, in two years I lost 15 kg and in practice, starting from a size 40, I came to weigh 37 kg.

Day after day, I learned to give up most foods, except for pineapple and low-fat yogurt. One day, however, helped by a great professional. I decided to save myself and finally chose to make peace with food. Put this way, it sounds simple. It actually took me another two years to get out of that ugly pathology with a great job. A milestone that to this day I still consider my greatest personal victory. Not only have I regained the 15 kg I lost. But I have learned that eating healthy daily is a way of life to live better.

Eat healthy and live better

I recently went back and started my delicious dinner with a mushroom, chestnut, apple and walnut salad. Because as my personal trainer recommends. The fibers are perfect at the start of a meal. Followed by spinach dumplings and rice cheese au gratin in the oven. A good glass of organic juices, two dear friends and healthy cooking: do you have better advice for eating out loving each other? I do! And they are the addresses where you can eat raw food. That is food cooked at low temperatures or totally raw.

Eat healthy and live better

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