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Write for Us

To be honest, writing for minahcosmetics is going to require hard work. We expect your blogs to be at there best and to make this happen we are here to help. Once accepted, our team will share extensive feedback and may ask you for revisions if needed.

What’s in it for you? With thousands of peers visiting our blog including potential employers, publishers and clients, your work has great tendency of being noticed. A contributor’s experience overall also involves fruitful learning down the road with an exceptional platform that allows communicating ideas and experiences.

What We’re Looking For

To help us look into your interests you can submit a rough draft, a partial draft or a pitch that summarizes what you want to contribute and why it would matter to our readers. Our feedback will be directly proportional to the plenitude of your submission. To ensure that, make sure you add an outline of your article as well. We adhere to unique content and do not publish anything that is present elsewhere.

Our Content:

Everything on our blog relates to the readers and we ensure that things don’t go any other way. Quality, authenticity and credibility of the content are most crucial factors that we look for.


Our readers are already well versed in basic information regarding B2B tech and the purpose of our blog is to provide them with new and fruitful information.

Our Tone: 

We adhere to a professional yet engaging tone that syncs perfectly with the flow of content. A voice that is bold, interesting and human works best for us.

What We Publish

We prefer blog posts based on authentic reporting and analysis. A thesis or clear argument is highly encouraged as compared to a list of simple tips and tricks.

We have varying blog sections and submissions to any one of them should have word count range between 600-800 words and feature articles should not be less than 1200 words. In case of original reporting, we suggest you to pitch ideas to the editor first. business advice “write for us”

If you choose to attach a complete article be sure that you are submitting in word format and not PDF.

To acknowledge the relevant and credible resources only, hyperlinks can be used.

Owing to the huge number of submissions we receive, our team will contact you only if we like your idea and are ready to publish your writing piece. Expect us to reach back in 10 business days, if we don’t, feel free to submit your blog elsewhere.

How to Submit

If you want to write for us, submit your pitch or complete blog for consideration at missaifahmed@gmail.com

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