5 Amazing Colors For Your New Look

When we thought 2021 was a weird year, 2022 has just started. We see that many hair color trends are inspired by the corona crisis: simple and low-maintenance. But we also see creative and colorful trends passing by. Got curious? These are the hair color trends of the moment! best hair color

hair color

  1.Natural color

A trend that is in any case inspired by the corona crisis: the natural hair color. The more natural, the better. The colors we see a lot are colors from nature. You can think of sand tones, cinnamon brown and honey blond. The biggest advantage of natural colors is that they are low maintenance. If you stay close to your own hair color, you can possibly endure another lock-down 😉 (rather not of course).

  2.Honey Blonde best hair color

Honey Blonde

More and more we see the cool blond colors giving way to warm, honey blond hair colors. While the cool blonde tones are still hot, this isn’t for everyone. Some people have so much heat in their hair that no silver shampoo can do its job perfectly (yes, I speak from experience). Fortunately, we’re going to see a lot of warm blonde shades again this year. love it!! Since warm blondes tend to turn orange, we recommend using the right care products. The Schwarzkopf Blond Me collection has the right care products for every blonde, including warm blonde colors.

  3.Salt & Pepper best hair color

Salt & Pepper

A very striking hair trend at the moment is the salt & pepper look. Due to the lock-down, many people have not had the opportunity to have their roots updated. And to do this every time… Many women are tired of worrying about roots and make something beautiful out of it. Gombre (grey + umber) is a hair technique in which the colored hair is subtly and slowly combined with gray tones. This makes the own gray color very beautiful and natural. This look is also called salt & pepper because of the different shades of gray that the hair gets. With this haircut, a visit to the hairdresser is only necessary once every six months or even once a year! Ideal right?

  4.Smoky Hair best hair color

Smoky Hair

You probably know the smoky eyes look. Different eye shadow shades are blended with each other, with the darkest color being used on the eyelid and becoming lighter towards the brow bone. The smoky hair look is also built that way. The hair has a cool shade at the roots, a beautiful transition in the middle and a light reflection in the tips. we love!

  5.Colorful Hair

Colorful Hair

A trend for the real daredevil! Go for a striking color in your hair this spring: pink, blue, green or all kinds of colors mixed up? This hair trend provides a little more cheerfulness in this time. If you don’t dare to go for a permanent color right away, use a rinse or a color mask first. The Framesi fram color give your hair a trendy, color super fast and super easy.

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