5 Tips For Your Hair Care

Hair washing and care tips are good and welcome. There are different types of hair. This means that not every tip may suit all hair types. Here are some tips for hair types.

Natural cosmetics have the advantage of being especially gentle on hair and scalp. Surfactants from renewable raw materials gently clean and quality plant extracts, essential oils and vegetable fats nourish the scalp and hair. Because natural cosmetics do not contain artificial colors, preservatives and fragrances, there is no silicone, PEG, sulfate and other chemical additives that often act aggressively, daily, natural and tolerable washing and care does not stand in the way.

hair care

  1.Dry, brittle hair

This type of hair is often found in longer and / or chemically treated hair. Hair is sensitive, which often causes hair breakage and breakage. Avoid as much heat as possible (hair dryer, hair straightened, etc.) and air dry your hair. Also, avoid chemical dyeing or bleaching your hair, as well as other, for your hair, harmful things like permanent, minimal or frequent hair straightening.

  2.Dry hair with dandruff in Your Hair Care

Dry scalp with dandruff requires intensive care. For example, masks with argan oil or natural yogurt help. Oil gives fat and yogurt gives moisture. Both help with dandruff. The best results are achieved when a certain product is briefly massaged on the scalp. After that, it is necessary to wrap the hair with a towel and leave the product to act for at least half an hour. After that, the hair is just rinsed with water – without washing.

Do not use hot water or dry it with hot air. It is good to know that rose water protects the skin from drying out, especially in winter, when we often stay in rooms with dry heated air.

  3.Fine, thin hair

Along with the right products, proper care is extremely important for this type of hair. Even the best products do not help with wrong hair brushing. Use the best brushes with natural bristles. If you want more volume, try curlers. Carefully wrap smaller curls of hair in curlers and blow dry your hair using a hair dryer on lower strands.

A healthy, balanced diet is also very important. It has a positive effect on the body and hair. Adequate intake of protein, iron, zinc, silicon and vitamins B and H is important for beautiful hair.

  4.Dyed hair Your Hair Care

With each hair wash, hair pigmentation can be lost because the cuticles (own scales) of the hair open and the shampoo can penetrate the hair. Products made specifically for color protection are very important if you want to avoid constant hair coloring. They prevent the cuticle from opening too much. Additional protection and shine is obtained by rinsing the hair with cold water. This closes the cuticles.

  5.Sensitive scalp

Scalp needs help. For that, organic oils in the form of hair masks are the best. To get the best results, these treatments should be applied once a week overnight. To protect the bedding, wrap your hair in a towel. In the morning, simply wash your hair. Rose water can also help relieve itchy scalp. Especially in winter, it protects the scalp from dry heated air.

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