10 tips for protecting your hair this summer

Summer means sun and fun, but also more care for you, especially for your hair. The scorching summer sun can be harmful if you do not take the necessary precautions. Its effects can consist of a flattened, lifeless appearance of the hair, but also in the appearance or intensification of problems such as dandruff, split ends, electrification, hair loss, dryness of the scalp or on the contrary rapid thickening due to perspiration or use of sunscreen. protecting your hair


If you want to avoid these summer nightmares, it is important to avoid excessive sun exposure, perspiration or humidity, but also to take some concrete measures to protect your hair. Here are 10 helpful tips to help you protect your hair this summer!

1.Too many cosmetic products can damage your hair

The summer sun is already affecting the hair and drying it. So you should avoid dyeing or other chemical treatments that dry your hair even more during this period. Or at least try not to use cosmetics that dry your hair in the hot period.

2.Conditioner can be more helpful than you think

Because hair tends to dry out more than ever, rehydration is a must. Using rinsing conditioner is exactly what you need. All you have to do is choose one that fits the texture of your hair. Remember to use a conditioner without rinsing before going to the pool.

3.Shampoo your hair properly

The way you shampoo your hair can do more harm than good. If you overdo it, it can dry out your scalp and therefore your hair. Choose a lighter shampoo for the summer, especially if your hair sweats or thickens faster than usual. Try to apply shampoo only on the scalp and not on the hair, because applying it on the hair or on the tips dries it harder.

4.Before going to the pool to protecting your hair

If you go to the pool, you should not shampoo your hair beforehand, so as not to lose its protective fats and become more vulnerable to chemicals and salt in the water. After swimming, take a quick shower and use a shampoo containing ethylene tetra acetic acid to reduce the harmful effects of chemicals in the water.

5.Avoid overexposure to heat

Avoid exposure to additional heat sources in addition to solar heat. Let the hair dry freely, instead of using the hair dryer. Try not to use the straightening or corrugating board until at least the summer is over.

6.Get a regular haircut

Hair is hardest hit in the summer, so it is very likely that more split ends will appear, which is very unhealthy and unpleasant in terms of appearance. Try to trim it a little, but at regular intervals, to avoid such problems.

7.Protecting your hair color

If you have recently painted, you need to be more careful during the summer. It is known that chemical treatments are harmful to the hair, especially in summer conditions. Use color-protecting care products to prevent excessive drying and rapid fading of the color. Also, avoid sun exposure and cover your hair when outdoors.

8.Protecting your hair from the sun

Wear a hat or a scarf and use a conditioner without rinsing, so that your hair is better protected from the sun. If you spend a lot of time outdoors, use sunscreen with sunscreen. A special hair mask, suitable for your hair, can be very helpful. And wash your hair well after you get home.

9.Controls electrification

The easiest thing you can do to keep your hair from getting too dry and electrifying is to keep it tied up. There are many modern styles for tied hair, from braided ponytails to knots, buns or simple ponytails, very suitable for summer. They protect the hair from the summer heat and air pollution, preventing electrification and perspiration.

10.Include enough fluids in your diet

It is very important to drink enough fluids to maintain healthy skin and hair. Liquids cool you down and keep your body and hair well hydrated. Many fresh vegetables and fruits also help.

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