How To Take Care Of Oily Skin

Summer Skin Care: Tips for Oily Skin

Summer has come and the heat is there. Yellow grass needs special care. Here are some tips for you to follow the perfect summer skin care every day!

If you have acne on your skin, it is important that you treat it with specific medications prescribed by a specialist and that you carefully review other ingredients such as: cycle, hormones and diet. But you can still follow. Summer skin care, really you should!

For oily skin, sebum builds up more than heat and sweat and is even more oily to the skin and very shiny for the eyes. Apparently spend many hours with the mask during this period. Of course it does not help your skin. The holes are closed and because of this they do not breathe and come out of here.

Tips for the best summer skin to follow:

1. Cleaning for Oily Skin

As you well know. Cleansing is essential for all skin types, but more so for oily and combination skin. Just remove the extra sebum. And face wash is necessary to clean your face as soon as you wake up. e before going to bed in the evening. In fact, if you do not use makeup on your face, you can clean it several times a day and you will see that you will not have that shiny and oily skin.

A make-up solution may be a use. SPF color sun protection cream, such as a uniform color. And at the same time be protected from the sun. Keep this in mind and you will not be disappointed. Make-up is highly discouraged, especially if you treat acne, but you must wear specific sunscreen.

If you do not wear makeup, you can choose it. The thermal water that cleanses and hydrates the face, refreshes and cleanses it in just a few seconds. You can find many items on the market and they are easy to carry, spray proof.

2. Replace moisturizer for Oily Skin

As you are well aware, it is also suitable for oily skin. Use a moisturizer. For summer skin care you can choose one. A light cream or serum that dries easily and hydrates your skin. Heavy creams can usually clog pores so they are not recommended for oily skin, but in summer they can only cause damage.

3. SPF protection for Oily Skin

It is not needed in summer. Never leave sunscreen. Especially for acne sufferers as I told you earlier. The sun can cause irritating spots on the already red skin. Not just for the sea, be careful! Protection should be used day to day. Obviously the oils and acne scars on the market are specific to the skin that are not heavy and therefore help you to prevent blackheads and comedowns.

4. Avoid hard shells.

In general, if your skin is oily and acne prone, you may go through something. Peeling with an acid mixture is not recommended in hot weather because after making them. The intense sun on your face can burn the surface layer of skin and leave ugly marks. In fact, it is always advisable to do it in winter and then use sunscreen. The cleanser is recommended to remove dead cells.

Diet tips for summer skin care

To help and prevent breakouts and excess sebum, you need to hydrate. Drink plenty of water and clear herbal tea. Alcohol and coffee are not good for the skin, on the contrary, they cause dehydration of the skin. Eat lots of fruits and vegetables, at least 3 times a day. Foods rich in vitamin A like apricots, pumpkins, melons help and improve the condition of oily skin.

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