Facial skin – Radiance from within 3 rules for perfect facial skin

facial skin – We always want to look attractive and charming, but in spring this desire is activated with indomitable force;) The beauty industry does not stand still, and here is a new trend – creating an image of glowing skin from the inside.

Question – how to achieve radiant facial skin at home?
Every girl knows that you can use a highlighter and the skin will get a radiant shade. But here how to make the skin shine from the inside, and at the same time there was no oily sheen effect? You can resort to the widest arsenal of cosmetics – storming cream, base, foundation, powder, etc. – but all these means will make you a beauty for a short period of time. And then again you will have to enter into the daily pursuit of beauty getting rid of dryness or oily sheen, narrowing of pores, irritation and rashes, wrinkles and dull complexion.

In this article, we will analyze in detail all the important nuances of how to achieve perfect skin at
home and what kind of care is effective for radiant facial skin.

Rule 1 – Cleansing is a must!
Yes, it is these truisms of facial skin care that will help you achieve perfect skin. We focus on the most important points: It is necessary to cleanse the face in the morning and in the evening. It would seem, why in the morning, because we quietly slept in the crib. But no! During the night, dust and dirt also accumulated on our skin. And it is very important to remove all unnecessary so that the skin breathes, the pores do not clog, and, accordingly, there will be no rashes, and the skin will be able to absorb all the beneficial substances from the cream that will be next.
For cleansing, choose a gentle cleansing gel or foam for your skin type and according to your needs.

Pay attention to composition. We will not say that it is best to look for the most natural cosmetics and preferably with quality certificates.
We clean the face only along the massage lines. Remember the rule of massage lines, and apply all cosmetics only on them. In the VITAL JUST line, cleansing is represented by an ultra-soft cleansing gel with extracts of edelweiss, Provencal rose, rosehip, orange blossom oil, as well as extremely gentle ten sides. The gel penetrates deep into the pores and removes all excess, while maintaining the hydrolipidic film of the skin, and the skin looks radiant, cleansed, and feels noticeably cleaner, fresher, and also soothed.

Rule 2 – Without toning anywhere!
After we have washed, we take a tonic and wipe our face. This is the second stage of cleansing, which simultaneously tones the skin and energizes it.

Why is this needed? Everything is simple. After we washed, there were impurities from the water left on the skin, the remnants of the cleanser that pollute our skin. And the tonic finishes cleansing, penetrating the entire depth of the pores. When choosing a tonic, again we pay attention to the
composition, manufacturer, certificates. Use this golden rule when choosing any remedy.

For example, VITAL JUST tonic tones and refreshes the skin, tightens pores, evens out areas prone to
dryness or oiliness. After applying the tonic, the skin looks fresher and more hydrated.


Rule 3 – Peeling on schedule!
It is not for every day, but it is necessary to use 1-2 times a week. Skin peeling is needed in order to
remove dead skin cells that cannot be removed with a regular washing gel and stimulate cell
regeneration. The composition of peels is very diverse. But if you have dry or sensitive skin, look for
gentler products so as not to harm the skin.

For example, the VITAL JUST face cream peeling with edelweiss, Provencal and nutmeg roses and
almond oil is suitable for all skin types, including sensitive and dry skin. As phyto-abrasive particles,
100% natural bamboo granules are used, which very gently cleanse the skin, stimulate blood
microcirculation and cell regeneration. And almond and castor oil in the composition envelops the skin
already during the peeling application, intensively moisturizing it.

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