Winter hair care: 3 rules

In winter, hair is negatively affected from several sides at once. On the street we are waiting for low temperatures, indoors – dry and warm air. Plus, we wear hats all the time. And in general we receive less vitamins. From this, the hair becomes weak and brittle, the ends begin to split. And yet, the hydrolipidic layer of the hair becomes thinner, and the charge of the strands becomes negative. “Minus” is repelled by “minus”, and as a result we get chaos on our heads. But beauty and healthy appearance can be preserved if you follow our simple rules. We will tell about them below. Winter hair care:

Winter hair care: 1 –  cleansing

From this stage, we begin our care in absolutely all beauty areas. So why should hair be an exception? Winter is a great opportunity to allow yourself to be a little lazy and refuse to wash your hair often. This will keep your hair from drying out. After all, daily washing removes natural sebum, namely, it is responsible for moisturizing the hair. We also often do not dry our hair before going outside and we can not only overcool our hair, but also catch a cold.

It is also important to choose the right shampoo. The main function of winter shampoo is not only to cleanse, but also to gently and gently affect the scalp. Due to over drying and wearing hats, dandruff often forms. And aggressively cleansing shampoo can only aggravate the situation. It is better to choose a nourishing shampoo or one marked “for dry hair”. This is a guarantee of gentle care.

2 – Hydration

High temperatures and dry air dry out not only hair, but also our skin. They need additional hydration to recover. If for the skin we use thermal water and creams, then for the hair we need moisturizing balms and masks. Shampoos with natural oils will also be useful. Nourishing ingredients in the composition will relieve dryness and facilitate combing. The extra shine of the hair will be a nice bonus.

An excellent moisturizer is a hair balm. It eliminates electrification, moisturizes and gives shine to the hair. You should apply it along the entire length of the hair, bypassing the scalp, and keep it a little longer than usual.

3 – enhanced nutrition

A useful winter habit is to use a mask to strengthen and moisturize your hair at least once a week. This extra care will save and, if necessary, restore the balance of moisture. To revitalize the hair and protect it from the negative influence of external factors, it is enough to hold the product for only 7-10 minutes.

If you have more time to care, apply a mask under your shower cap and wrap your hair in a towel. After 30 minutes, wash off with warm, but not hot water. Complexes of oils will also contribute to the additional nutrition of the hair. Choose fatty and saturated oils. For example, butter, avocado and wheat germ oil.

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