5 tips to take care of hair after summer

Beach time says goodbye, and with it takes the health of some hair; For this reason, we have prepared 5 tips to take care of your hair after the summer. Get your hair back!

Tip 1: Provides extra hydration to take care of hair

After being exposed to so much sun, salt water or swimming pool, the hair is dry and very porous; start treating it with deep moisturizing products. Products with formulations that include argon, coconut and avocado oil; They are ideal for giving hair just the right amount of hydration.

Tip 2: With the passage of time and prolonged exposure to the sun,

the tone of the hair oxidizes; That’s why it’s time to revive the color. May your hair always shine! Use pigment treatments to restore vibrancy to the tone and neutralize unwanted yellows.

It is very important to select high quality products to continue hydration. Choose well, there are many on the market that dry out the fiber.

Tip 3: Serum and leave In, they cannot be missing!

These types of products will directly treat split ends, sealing the cuticle. They will help you control frizz and apart from that they will bring a lot of shine to the hair.

A serum that we love for its texture and the power it has to seal the cuticles, is the And if you want to encourage yourself with a Leave In, your hair will greatly appreciate it.

Additional tip: If the ends are very, very, very damaged, it is time to call our enemy the scissors. eye! go to a professional hairdresser.

Tip 4: Reduce (if not eliminate) the use of the iron and dryer.

At first it may seem impossible, but with the constant use of good products, you can take your hair to natural. If you don’t want to remove the iron completely, please use it at low temperature. And of course, that by using it from time to time nothing will happen.

Tip 5: Use treatments focused on strengthening take care of hair

because after the summer, the hair fiber could be very weak. Extract and hyaluronic acid are our favorite ingredients for these cases.

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