How to take care of your hair

We are already accustomed to finding countless tricks and “magic formulas” on networks that promise healthier, softer, shinier hair… When it comes to hair care and health, they don’t stop. But hair experts know that the vast majority of them either do not deliver on what was promised or may even end up damaging the hair of those who dare to try them.

To take care of your hair Wash hair only with conditioner

One of these latest hair fashions, which although it is not new is back in the spotlight on social networks, is known as co wash, or what is the same, wash hair only with conditioner every week or 10 days, without using shampoo . Advocates of this technique ensure that the hair is clean and much softer and more hydrated.

What consequences can washing hair only with conditioner have?

As our expert tells us. “If we don’t use a good shampoo, suitable for our hair type, we won’t remove the excess oil from the sebaceous glands. Nor other traces of hair products, dust, sweat… that may have remained in the hair. scalp and that can end up causing irritation, dryness and even infections caused by microorganisms. If the person also already suffers from a hair problem or pathology (dandruff, hair loss), skipping the wash is not recommended, since what it would achieve is to worsen the symptoms.

Some recommendations to wash your hair correctly

What we always recommend to our patients is to start at the beginning. “You should start with a good brushing before moistening. The hair to lift the dead cells attached to the scalp. Then, use a hair scrub (at least once a week). Which will help us cleanse the scalp very deeply and prepare it for the shampoo. At the time of washing, it is equally important to lather, massage. And let the shampoo act between 2 and 4 minutes, to rinse the hair afterwards with plenty of warm water. After washing, we can add a hydration bonus through masks, serums or conditioners. Always taking into account our hair type to know whether to apply it to the stem and scalp or only to the stem, from the middle to the ends, especially if the hair is thick. ”

To take care of your hair hygiene

Use common sense, use quality products and, in case of doubt, seek the help or advice of a hair expert. These are our recommendations to take care of your hair hygiene and keep your hair healthy and beautiful. Because beauty tips on the internet and social networks can sometimes be very expensive...

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