Taking care of yourself and your nervous system

Taking care of yourself. And your nervous system is often perceived as selfish. We think there are more important things to do. But, of course, our condition affects absolutely everything and it is very important to give yourself this very care.

Adjustment, acceptance, care for taking care of yourself

One way to positively influence the nervous system is to follow the three steps: Attunement, Acceptance, and Caring. The first two are the establishment of a relationship and the willingness to “listen” to the nervous system. So The third is some additional action based on the information that we receive through the relationship and the ability to listen. Using these three steps, we show care, that is, we satisfy the needs of the nervous system by performing specific actions.

  1. Tune in. And Feel the state of your nervous system, and tune in to the perception of its features.
  2. Accept the information. And What signs of safety and danger do you see now?
  3. Show care. And Once you have the information, consider: so what action would you take to move into a state of safety and regulation? What kind of care does your nervous system need right now?

Through these simple steps – set up, receive information, care – we collect data to take care of ourselves. Try this practice and do it regularly.

Sustainability continuum

You can effectively track the degree of our stability using a continuum (segment). So You will need paper and a set of pens or markers. And Think about what line you will draw. Experiment with vertical, horizontal, and curves.

Draw a few lines, and get a feel for which one is best for this study. If there are markers, so decide what colors the line representing your continuum will be and the points you will mark on it.  So First, come up with names for the two ends of the continuum. One symbolizes the lack of stability, the other – its highest degree. The first can be called, for example. “No energy, no interest”, and the second – “stability and readiness.”

Choose the words that seem most appropriate to you. Between the two ends of the continuum, you need to place several points. Most likely, you will need to mark at least three points in order to track changes in stability. As you start observing, you may find it more convenient and useful to place more dots. Now come up with names for them.

Fully filled quarters indicate your tendency to really take care of yourself in some specific aspects.

You can set the following task. Spend more time on the analysis of those quarters. That are filled less than the rest. When in each of them some action is recorded, about which we know that we will perform it with a high degree of probability, this gives us the opportunity to feel the harmony of self-care and enjoy the pleasant results of the good state in which the autonomic nervous system began to dwell.

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