Hair care in Winter

Winter is the real test for your hair. Minus temperatures, central heating, a stove in a car, a hair dryer –
all this has a very detrimental effect on hair. Lacking volume, dull, dry hair looks, to put it mildly, ugly,
they just need to be additionally nourished and moisturized.

The most important rule in the winter season is to wear a hat and hide your hair under a scarf or under a
jacket. Hypothermia of the scalp will contribute to the weakening of the hair follicles, which will lead to
catastrophic hair loss. In addition, the hot air that you exhale outside with sub-zero temperatures gets
on your hair, forming condensation, after which your curls instantly turn into icicles. Hair weakens,
breaks and splits at the ends.

moisturizing the hair Mainly they should be aimed at moisturizing the hair. In the cosmetic store you can find a special series
for winter hair care. However, beware of the silicone base in the composition of the products, which
adversely affects the hair Care products will cover the hair with a special film, which will act as a barrier against moisture loss and
protect each hair from external influences. Such care will not only preserve the health of the hair, but
also reduce the electrification inherent not only in the winter season.

Trust only proven manufacturers When choosing cosmetics, first check the manufacturer and composition. Trust only proven
manufacturers and reliable suppliers of cosmetics, do not save much on your health. High-quality
cosmetics, for example, cosmetics proven over the years, will help to effectively protect the hair. While
cheap or low-quality, it will harm the hair, and in some cases health in general.
To completely get rid of such a problem as electrification, you need to moisten not only the hair, but
also the air in the room itself. This will have a positive effect not only on the hair, but also on health in


masks based on natural ingredients In addition, please your hair with homemade masks based on natural ingredients. Burdock, olive, linen,
everything that is in the arsenal in the kitchen will do. It would be useful to add to these masks and
other products known for their beneficial properties. Egg yolk, honey, kefir, aloe juice – after a few
procedures, the hair will thank you with its beauty.


Chemical exposure Chemical exposure will also not be beneficial – in winter, the hair is very wounded, and procedures such
as perm and chemical straightening should be postponed until spring.

It is important to take care of your diet, and maybe start taking a vitamin complex. After all, everyone
knows that in winter the body also has a hard time, due to a lack of fruits and vegetables. And the
condition of the hair is an external indicator of health.

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