Winter skin care – what to look for

How to choose the right skin care products for the face in winter? Let's talk about this in more detail,
and also provide the TOP 10 products that will provide maximum skin care in the cold season.

Why does your body need special skin care in winter?

In winter, the condition of the skin deteriorates significantly. This is facilitated by many factors: exposure
to low temperatures, dry air due to heating devices, wind, a sharp temperature drop when moving from
the street to the room, and others.
All these factors provide a negative effect on the skin, provoking:

  • The appearance of peeling;
  • The formation of redness;
  • Dryness and tightness of the skin;
  • Feeling of discomfort;
  • Dull skin;
  • Irritability, etc.

The thing is that in winter, the metabolism deteriorates significantly, reducing the activity of the
production of sebaceous glands. If we add to this the impact of the environment in the form of low
temperature, then the condition of the skin is significantly worsened.
In winter, even oily skin types can experience dryness and flaking. This indicates the need to revise and
properly select care products in the cold season.

Stages of winter skin care

In winter, skin care involves several stages. If you produce them in a timely manner and with the help of
quality products, you can return the skin to a well-groomed and healthy appearance. What is important
to pay attention to in the winter and what stages should epidermis care consist of:


Since the skin is in a traumatic state in winter, the use of aggressive cleansers will only aggravate the
situation. It is important to give preference to those products that act gently and delicately.
It is necessary to cleanse twice a day: in the morning and in the evening. An important nuance is the
morning ritual of skin cleansing. It must be carried out no later than an hour before going outside.
Equally important is the use of products to remove dead skin particles with an interval of about 10 days.

Means for exfoliation should be chosen sparing, with fine-grained particles that will carefully remove
dead skin without injuring it.


Moisturizing the skin is just as necessary in winter as it is at other times of the year. It is important to
select products that are aimed not only at moisturizing, but also at retaining moisture in the epidermis.
The timing of their use is also important.
You should also apply cream about an hour before going outside. This will provide the necessary time
for proper hydration of the epidermis. If there is no time for this, then it is better to carry out the
procedure in the evening.


In winter, skin nutrition is an urgent need. Preference should be given to those products that contain
vegetable components, fats or essential oils. And their number should be higher than in the funds for
summer time. You can and should use nourishing masks or serums.


In winter, the problem of over dried skin around the eyes is especially acute. It is much thinner than the
epidermis in the rest of the face and more than others needs careful care. It is also important to take
care of the lips, as if they are not properly cared for, they can crack, which causes pain.


TOP 10 skin care products in winter – this is our ranking of cosmetic products that occupy leading
positions in sales. The top list contains the most popular products that have become very popular
among customers.

  • Facial Roller & Massager
  • Blackhead Remover
  • Physiogel Calming Relief Restoring Lipid Balm
  • Physiogel Daily Moisture Therapy Body Lotion
  • Physiogel Daily Moisture Therapy Cream
  • Physiogel Daily Moisture Therapy Dermo Cleanser
  • Physiogel Hypoallergenic Body Lotion
  • Stiefel Sunblock SPF 30+
  • Victoria’s Secret Love Spell Body Butter


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